New models and strategy to anticipate the next big moves in the industry: the case of a major European energy utility company

In collaboration with the Digital executives and VPs of the company, Stim supported the implementation of a new division to foresee future trends. This team was set up to anticipate major Research, Development and Innovation projects that should be launched. The aim was to prepare the investment in the next generation of highly capital-intensive technologies for the energy distribution of the country.

The challenge

Anticipate the next key digital technologies and platforms to invest in regarding the energy transition

The Utility industry is facing new challenges in digitalization, which add complications to their capital-intensive investments and development cycles as well as alter their interaction with their end customers. This mutation led to a switch of position for the Digital & IT team in the company: from a support division to a strategy and design one. The Digital Executives called out for Stim to structure this new position and its missions. 


Our solution

A roadmap to structure the foresight activities and explore disruptive technologies for the energy transition

Working with the Digital Strategy Director, Stim implemented an action plan with three key steps : 

  • Aligning the Executive Committee and the new Digital & IT team on the same innovation ambition

  • Exploring three key technological axes for the energy transition, with the identification of 14 highly relevant technologies and services 

  • Testing and implementing new tools and methods for the management of foresight activities

In six months, a clear roadmap guiding new exploration investments was built and integrated into the Group’s corporate strategy applying to 30 000+ people. A member of the Executive Committee confirmed that this action plan has helped him save 40 million euros in Research and Development for the next three years.



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