A case of a global Oil & Gas company 

Together with the Strategy and R&D team in Europe, Stim took on the challenge to structure the exploration of new technologies and business models to build a strategy for the energy transition. Acknowledging the decline in Oil & Gas business, the company relies on this strategy to open new sustainable markets.

Their need

Build a strategy roadmap to explore new technologies and business models regarding the energy transition, with a mid and long-term vision

The Strategy and R&D teams called for Stim to build a roadmap to explore the potential of “green power” and neutral-carbon solutions. While the focus was put on mid-term use cases, with concrete technologies and associated business models to be launched, long-term perspectives for the post Oil & Gas world - have also been explored to guide the company and its top management through a common vision.


Our solution

Innovation Roadmap: Build a plan for the maturation of key technologies

Stim proposed a roadmap focused on two key exploration axes :

  • Adaptation of the current Oil and Gas production business to the new standard of the energy transition, while tackling carbon emissions at usage.

  • Differentiation in emerging offshore renewable energy chains, with the electrification solutions in the power generation phase. 

In three months, Stim worked with the innovation team, formed by 33 participants and experts from the company and two major European research centers. A portfolio of 32 new technical and business concepts has been developed based on the C-K Method and ready for further validation and acceleration.

Today, the company has built a team of 50 managers and experts from different backgrounds to drive this new roadmap of key technologies and business models and to unlock new opportunities in the sustainable transition.


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